Targene Revolutionizes Cannabis
Targene utilizes cutting edge bio-technologies to enhance Cannabis crop yield and reliably produce standardized high grade active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in sterile, repeatable lab conditions never before possible in the Cannabis industry.
Targene at a glance
  • Working in a collaboration with a well established legal medical Cannabis farm in Israel.
  • Leading Cannabis grower team, more than a decade of Medical industrial growth and research.
  • Working in a fully equipped state-of-the-art molecular lab, in the facility.
  • A strong and seasoned team of plant tissue culture, plant geneticists and molecular biology experts.
  • Several hundreds of genetic lines.
  • Over 4 years of Cannabis tissue culture development.
  • Achieved a couple of market braking milestones in our goal workplan.
  • Relatively short time to market for our products.
Our Founders


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Ability to grow and produce active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in cell culture.
Obtaining active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in a sterile and repetitive manner.
Gene Editing
Gene-editing using CRISPR or other advanced molecular methods to significantly change and enhance plant’s features.
Will be used mainly to adjust suitable lines in the Bio-Reactor to produced API ratios by market needs.
The possibilities are endless...
Our API is based on production using custom designed bioreactor, together with gene editing, thus enabling full control of desired compound combination and strength.
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